Exterior Plastering & Painting

Hawkeye Exterior Plastering is here for all of your exterior needs, from new built homes, plaster repairs, landscaping walls, custom plaster work such as letterboxes, planter boxes and fireplaces. All of this work is completed with top of the line paint

Exterior Mouldings

Here at Hawkeye Exterior Plastering we like taking a home to the next level with polystyrene textured mouldings which we can get made to any shape or size that you require

Garden Features 

Garden water features, Outdoor fireplaces, Pizza ovens, Fire pits and more


Raised garden beds, feature walls, block walls to create privacy and intermate spaces   

Custom Letterbox

Here at Hawkeye we make custom letterboxes that can be built in a range of sizes, and finished in your choice of colour.

 Get in contact with us to discuss a letterbox for your home